Ilona Panibratenko

Meet Your New Online Personal Trainer

Why do I need a Personal Trainer?


It’s my goal to make sure that you are performing the right exercise with the proper technique that’ll lead you safely to the results you looking for.

Maximum results

With a specific workout plan based on your goals we can get you to the results that you want. The personalized plan is tailored to your needs, allowances, fitness level, medical history, and personal preferences.


In our busy running life so easy to forget, skip a workout that you planned here and there, or fall off the wagon completely. When you need someone to count on you I will be there as your trainer, friend, and workout buddy.


I will support you and walk with you to the next fitness level, so you can be stronger than yesterday. We are one team and your success is my ultimate goal.


Planning and scheduling improve consistency and helps you build healthy habits. We will create a realistic workout plan according to your time, budget, goals and other preferences.

Lifelong habits

I will help you understand your "why" in fitness, so exercising will become your daily routine for many years.


I'd like to commend Ilona for being such a great personal trainer. Thanks to Ilona I got so much stronger and so much more agile. She put me in great shape and made me look the way I like! Thank you, Ilona, for being so persistent with me, for all your attention to my personal needs, for your emotional support, for your diet recommendations. You really made a difference!

- Anna D.

Let's get to know each other

Let's get to know each other

Hey, I'm Ilona, and welcome to the club!

I am a professional Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with a Master's Degree and 12 years of experience. As a former track athlete, I dedicated my life to fitness and wellness. From my educational background, I look at the human body as one big system that needs to function properly, strong and lifelong. That's why my workout programs have been created with multiple formats combined to get the best benefits of functional, strength, and cardiovascular training. I am passionate about bringing you to the next fitness level, making your life healthier, happier, and simply better.

You are superhuman, you just don't know about this yet!

My Qualifications

Master of Physical Education (GPA 3.95), Ukraine

AFAA Personal trainer, USA

AFAA Prehab vs Rehab, USA

AFAA Stress gets personal, USA

First Aid and CPR AED, USA


Jumping Fitness, Czech Republic

Fitness academy "Anatomy, physiology, metabolism", Ukraine

Classical Aerobics and Strength training, Ukraine