Online “All-Inclusive”

Online “All-Inclusive”

Get the best results with a combination of my coaching and one-on-one 60 min online personal training programs. Choose between twice or three times per week 60 min training.


  • Introductory 30 min call (fitness goals, health history, measurements)
  • Scheduled workouts at a convenient place, time, and day for you
  • 60 min of my personal attention to your session - showing you exercises, watching exercise techniques with adjustments if needed.
  • 6-8 weeks personalized workout program for a gym, home, or outdoor as your homework
  • Every 2 weeks scheduled 30 min video/phone call
  • Access to me via text, email, or call
  • Tracking your results every 6-8 weeks (photo updates, measurements)
  • Nutrition and macros recommendation if requested


$750 (month for 2 trainings/week); $1000 (month for 3 trainings/week)